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GDMBR Chapter 7

Rest days in Steamboat Springs, CO

After pushing through my biggest days yet on the GDMBR, my body needed a rest. Luckily I found myself in Steamboat Springs, a mecca for outdoorsy types who appreciate good food and easy access to unique outside activities.

Mmm, good food

On Saturday morning I got first breakfast at the Creekside Cafe. Then I got second breakfast at a downtown coffee shop while waiting for the Orange Peel bike shop to open.

They graciously let me mail a new cassette and chain to their shop. However, since I ended up skipping most of New Mexico I forwarded the box on to Kalispell, MT, where I'll likely need the work done.

Then I picked up a giant cinnamon bun from Smell That Bread to eat with a beer, riverside, watching the small-town shenanigans that is the annual Yampa River Fest.

New friends

The bulk of the river festival took place at Charlie's Hole. My favorite event was the rodeo, where rafters, kayakers and SUPers tried to "ride the wave" in the most compelling of fashions. It was a hoot!

That's where I met Cory and his pup Vision, and his friend Christina. We sat and took in the event for hours before splitting so they could get a MTB ride in before dinner. Then we met back up for tacos that evening and a quick dip in the hot spring.


The next morning I got first breakfast at the Yampa Valley Kitchen where I met and enjoyed my meal with Kelly, who was also visiting SBS solo, from Minnesota.

After that I visited the Big Agnes store and scored a tent footprint for $5 before grabbing another cinnamon bun and heading to the Steamboat Botanic Gardens.

Sunday night

That evening, Cory picked me up for a spin around the valley on his motorcycle—it was so much fun! And a bonus that I didn't have to pedal (ha!). He dropped me back at my host's house right before another storm.

That night I shared a homemade dinner with my hosts, Sandie and Dave. We ate and drank and laughed right up to bedtime.

Monday morning

It was so hard to leave! After an early breakfast at Winona's I went back to pack up and say final goodbyes before departing for Steamboat Lake State Park.

Video dispatches from the trail:

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1 Comment

Cory Cavegn
Cory Cavegn
Jun 12, 2022

Twas lovely to meet you.

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