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Want in on the Adventure?

The AWESOME community around me has asked how to help. Here's how.

Want to support me during my ride up the GDMBR?

Firstly, thank you for even considering! The amount of outreach has made my heart swell... and the support is incredibly valued and appreciated. I'm not crying. You're crying. [wipes tear]

Here's how you can help me during my two-month bikepacking trip beginning Memorial Day 2022:

  • Share words of encouragement and your sage advice (leave a comment below!)

  • Send me Spotify playlists or podcast recommendations

  • Share this blog or my Instagram account to help spread the word!

  • Know anyone who lives along the route? Hook us up; I'm looking for places for occasional respite, recharging electronics, hot showers & laundry.

  • Treat me to a cold beer or hot meal on days I roll through a town (Venmo: @Caitlyn-Milton). Venmo me $25 and I'll send you a postcard from the trail!

  • Want to follow my real-time GPS location? Private message me your email address and I'll share the link when I hit the trail.

Curious about biking?

  • Bikepacking: try a local overnighter using the bike and gear you already have! And consider supporting platforms like and the Adventure Cycling Association by becoming a member (you'll quickly get your money's worth). There are also women-specific groups such as the Colorado-based Galpackas and Golden Girls.

  • Cycling: hook up with your local bike shop; chances are they host regular free group rides across several different domains (road, gravel, mt biking, etc) catering to different rider levels. It's a great way to get involved and meet people while having a ton of fun!

  • Outreach and education: check out your local nonprofits. Here in Boulder, CO, Community Cycles and Boulder Mountainbike Alliance are fantastic inclusive organizations focusing on teaching mechanical, safety and rider skills from newbie to expert, as well as hosting clinics, rides and volunteer opportunities). I'm currently doing the 12-hr Complete Mechanic Series at Community Cycles and so far the quality of hands-on instruction has been worth its weight in gold. It will absolutely be applied when I'm fixing the inevitable mechanical trailside, deep in the woods of [enter any location along the GDMBR]

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