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GDMBR: Final Gear Show & Tell

It's like watching House Hunters, only for bikepacking.

Snoopy McSnooperson

We all like peering into the private lives of others. I'm pretty sure the cavemen enjoyed it, as well as their predecessors... So without further ado, here's what made it to the final cut for my northbound GDMBR ride.

The setup

Handlebar bags

Stem bags

  • Water bottles

  • Sunscreen & chapstick

  • Pocket knife

  • Headlamp

  • Tile

  • Garmin inReach Mini

  • Tubeless repair kit (bacon strips)

  • Contact cards

  • Pearl iZUMi cycling gloves

  • Not pictured: snacks

Front fork bags

Rear rack panniers

  • Sawyer water filtration system, purification tablets, 3L CNOC dirty bag and 3L CNOC clean bag

  • Toiletries bag

  • Homemade loaded oatmeal

  • Long spoon

  • Collapsible bowl with screw-on lid (for leftovers and soaking overnight oats)

  • Instant coffee packets

  • Dehydrated meals

  • HydraPak 3L collapsible water bag

  • Crushable backpack

  • Ampersand steeped coffee bag

Right side: Ortlieb gravel-pack

  • Custom Bote Designs watercolor bag (Brian Cote is a local design/bag wizard... he can make any custom bag with expert craftsmanship... and the creative process is a lot of fun!). He also made me a really interesting bag that perfectly fits the space between my seat tube and rear rack... I'm mailing it ahead to myself for when I begin carrying colder weather gear, but you can see it in the very first/top picture of this blog post.

  • Dehydrated meals

  • Bike toolkit (not pictured: orange sealant, chain lube and mini pump)

Rear rack (top)

Frame bag & top tube bag

GORGEOUS custom matching Rogue Panda set (sunset fade w/white topo lines)!!!

  • HydraPak 2L collapsible water bag

  • Bike lights (in case of emergency... night riding)

  • Cash, ID, debit card and health insurance card

  • Phone

  • Mini tripod for taking photos

  • Paper maps

  • guessed it; snacks!

The clothes I'll be wearing on day one... and beyond

  • Five Ten trailcross mountain bike shoes

  • Smartwool socks

  • Pearl iZUMi sun sleeves

  • Pearl iZUMi sun legs

  • Icebreaker merino sports bra

  • Icebreaker merino shirt

  • Merino neck gaiter

  • Smartwool underwear (my preference is to not wear underwear with the shorts, so I'll wear them for sleeping and then pair with the shorts after a while... if needed)

  • Pearl iZUMi attack chamois shorts

  • Not pictured: Smith chroma pop sunglasses

Pack your fears (and little luxuries)

My fears are getting injured and mechanical issues, so I'm going a little heavy in those areas. I'm also bringing a camp dress, sun hat and water color set. Currently, I have a little extra wiggle room in my bags, but I'll be picking up some additional gear via my resupply boxes in Salida, CO, Jackson, WY and Kalispell, MT (including bear gear and cold-weather clothes).

What do you think?

Am I missing anything? I'd love to hear your experience and recommendations!

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1 Comment

Brian Syptak
Brian Syptak
Jun 01, 2022

I'll be looking forward to your feedback and opinions on all the gear you've chosen. Especially your "bear bag" gear and method.

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