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I'm Here Because of...

So many wonderful human beings in my world.

I know in my 11th-hr delerium I'm missing a lot of people... but special shoutouts go to:

  • The Community Cycles crew! You know who you are... you colorful cast of characters who bring sheer joy to me and the Boulder community. VERY special shoutout to Will, who is the epitome of patience. He's taken great care to help me prepare for a successful and safe trip. Will is a true bike whisperer, my trusted guru and we're forever connected by picklebacks. And Josh, bespoke bike builder and bikepacking extraordinaire, who's already done the GDMBR. Josh freely shared insights from the trail and likes burritos almost as much as Will likes yogurt. And there's Pete, who taught me how to swap tubes with tubeless, Justin (I'm still waiting for your philosophy recommendations!), Seth, Billy, Mary, Riley, Mark and so many more. I'm going to miss you! But can't wait to build my next rig with you from scratch this fall!

  • My sizzle sisters <3 I look up to each and every one of you (and not because I'm only 5 ft tall). You're an inspiration, my gal pals. Special thank you to Becca; the only person I'll ever sing Amy Winehouse's Valerie at karaoke while wearing face jewels for. But for you, I'd do it every day. And Cindy, who radiates a bright beautiful energy and leaves a trail of positivity in her wake. Ladies, I propose we start a grand "cuisines from around the world" tour this fall...

  • My trail sisters, Sara and Joey, who came out to pace me for a few miles during my first ultra trail run! You got me out of bed and out of a funk; I can't wait to start running more regularly with you again this fall!

  • My dear sweet Anna. Friend, neighbor, confidant, bandmate, designated pancake flipper. Spending Friday mornings with you, catching up over coffee and making breakfast has been the highlight of my week the past several months. We've laughed. We've cried. And I can't wait to laugh and cry with you more again soon!

  • Heidi S! A Craigslist ad might have brought us together, but your green thumb, kind soul and up-for-adventure nature (I know you have a wild side... ;) has kept us together all these years. We've managed to knock a lot off on our shared bucket list and I look forward to picking back up in a few months!

  • Amanda and Kaytie, my OG Colorado friends. Sisters from other misters. You're my guiding constellation; thank you for always showing up as the bright shining stars you are and being my rock! I'm going to miss you and your beautiful families.

  • Heidi, my fellow 2022 GDMBR rider! Fate (aka Community Cycles) brought us together and although it's been a CRAZY few weeks.... we're about to embark on one of the biggest adventures of our lives. And I have a feeling our drive down to the border together will be just as fun :)

Oh my goodness I know there's more... seriously thank you to everyone who's been there for me and helped me in countless ways <3

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